Malankara Evangelical Church

Malankara Evangelical Church is an episcopal church situated in India. The church was started in 2016 mainly its base being in Ernakulam (Cochin), Kerala. The church came up through Malankara Evangelical mission field works. In a Christian society, the church is completely against racism, extravagant spending of money, the spreading of the False Gospel, and spiritual deterioration. The church is currently operating all across India and Kuwait. A massive widespread of Gospel is taking place in Kerala, North India and abroad. The church has currently 3 main dioceses in Kerala,Andhra Pradesh ,Hariyana, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. The main mission field of the church is in Jabalpur and Haryana were many who do not know about Christ is being taught about Gospel of Jesus Christ. Madhya Pradesh Diocese is mainly led by Rt. Rev. Joseph Chrysostom Bishop, the Madhya Pradesh Diocese consists of Hospital and School which has been constructed for the welfare of the society.

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Church Timings

Every Friday 1:45 PM – 4:30 PM

  • First Friday
    Worship & Holy Communion
  • Second Friday
  • Third Friday
    Worship & Holy Communion
  • Fourth Friday

Other Prayers

  • Cottage Prayer
    Every Monday 7:30 PM
  • Youth Fellowship Meeting
    Every Thursday

Our Specialities

The church strictly condemns wrong beliefs such as differentiation towards people, racism, spreading of the false Gospel, and wrong usage of Christian values. As per History, a false story has been cooked up saying that Malankara Christians and their generations were converted from Brahman backgrounds, which is absolutely a false story. In reality, the Gospel reached in Kerala through the Jewish Christian migrants after the Jerusalem destruction in AD 70. They migrated through the Muziris Ports and started the Christian Gospel Ministry among the Non-Brahman natives residing in Kerala.

The concept that the Church shouldn't be a part of society is strongly denied and condemned by this church. In fact, the church is a part of society and believes that it is the responsibility of the church to spread the Gospel of Jesus to its fellow human beings in the community. The Church also believes that Christians are not only obliged to God but also to their neighbors and fellow human beings.

Malankara Evangelical Church, Kuwait

Malankara Evangelical Church is an episcopal church that started on the 7th of April 2016 in Kuwait. Very Rev Prajeesh Mathew is the Vicar General of the church. He is not only a priest but also a good counselor by serving people in society. He is also working in a hospital as an assistant manager. We live in a modern digital era where people are struggling with all kinds of addictions. He also provides regular counselling sessions to various age groups who have been battling with severe addictions. He has been successful in counselling couples whose relations are on the brink and have reconciled them together. On various occasions and events, he has been invited as a guest to educate teens and youth regarding the harmful effects of the usage of drugs.

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